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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Google's New Android App TRIANGLE

I just spotted a good app by Google Called Triangle; this app let you have total control over which other apps can use your mobile data, when they use and how they use it. It’s a nice tool that may come in handy if you are suffering from constant data loss caused by some app.

                      How to use Triangle App

Presently, the triangle app is only present for download Triangle (on Google Play store) to people in Philippines; Google is presently testing Triangle in the country for now. But you can download the app  On APKMirror install and fire it up the Triangle, grant it the necessary permissions for the app to work effectively(especially the one that how you set it up as a VPN), and you can also monitor your data usage, and restrict some apps from consuming mobile data – it works with either 2G/3G/4G.
This app is useful at times when you have limited data to browse with. You can just use this app to kill data-consuming apps from consuming your app. It’s also great for stopping some stubborn apps from consuming your data in the background without your knowledge.
You have a great privilege with the app to allow some apps to have access to mobile data just for a few minutes like 10 to 30 minutes. And there are rewards to be earned by installing promoted apps, but that’s only available to a couple of carriers in the Philippines for now, I didn't know may be it will reach other countries network carriers in the update of the app to come.
NOTE- The App works like a charm even if you’re not in Philippines.

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